DESCRIZIONE E OBIETTIVI Il corso di inglese Business English è rivolto a tutti coloro che hanno necessità di utilizzare la lingua inglese in contesti professionali.
REQUISITI Il percorso formativo si rivolge a tutti coloro che abbiano già un livello B1
ESAME FINALE BEC (Business English Certificate) – Cambridge Assessment English



·       Countries, nationalities, jobs

·       Company types and activities

·       Location and workplace

·       Technology and functions

·       Documents and correspondence

·       Social media and networking

·       Departments and responsabilities

·       Employment

·       Competition

·       Working in teams

·       Calendars and schedules


·       Saying hello and goodbye

·       Making phone calls

·       Ordering by phone

·       Asking for and offering help

·       Solving problems

·       Making conversation

·       Leaving phone messages

·       Arranging to meet

·       Comparing and choosing

·       Giving opinions

·       Planning a schedule

·       Business correspondence


·       How to spell

·       Saying email and postal addresses

·       How to use sequencing words

·       How to apologize

·       How to describe a trip

·       How to tell the time

·       How to say prices

·       How to respond to news

·       How to talk about money